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About Kemaih Sdn. Bhd.

Kemaih Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian-registered company, has developed FIXAPA, an online marketplace offering a wide range of freelance services by local service providers to businesses and their potential clients.

Through the FixApa platform, Kemaih Sdn Bhd’s main goal is to provide day-to-day solutions to potential clients by enlisting the help of gigsters across all disciplines anytime, anywhere. Ultimately, Kemaih’s aim is to grow and become a regional economic hub assisting the gigster community to earn income from marketable skillsets and maximizing benefits for the general public from the post-Covid19 economy.

About FixApa

A combination of both English and Bahasa Melayu words: “Fix” and “Apa” (‘what’), simply means “what to fix”, a catchphrase easy to remember.

The FixApa platform connects service providers (the “Gigsters”) to potential clients and businesses (the ‘Questers”), requiring suitable skillsets for the job (“Gig”) – basics to experts. FixApa manages this info, requests, quotes, bookings and communications enabling Questers and Gigsters to stay in touch whenever and wherever.

In the ever rapidly changing environment, FixApa will continuously strive to stay on point and overcome barriers by maintaining agility essential for future-proofing.

FixApa Sdn Bhd was officially registered as a company on 22nd of March 2021 and is wholly owned subsidiary of Kemaih Sdn Bhd. 


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Kemaih Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian-registered company is the owner of FixApa, an online marketplace offering a wide range of freelance services by local gigsters to businesses and potential clients.

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