Becoming a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Network can provide several benefits to FixApa. UNGC is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, and becoming a member can help FixApa to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. As a member of the UNGC, FixApa will be required to adhere to […]

Convergence Business Model

FixApa’s collaboration with academia, research centers, government agencies, NGOs, and industry players is essential in creating a business convergence model that can bring about positive change and innovation in the childcare industry. There are several reasons why this collaboration is important. Working with academia and research centers such as the Institute of Social Science Malaysia […]

Going Through the Vertical Path

While FixApa was initially founded with the goal of empowering gig workers to become solo entrepreneurs, Ainol recognized the need to pivot the platform towards a more specific industry: home-based child daycare centers. Ainol saw an opportunity to provide these caregivers with the digital and entrepreneurial knowledge they needed to succeed in a rapidly changing […]

The Co-founders & The Team

Having co-founders with diverse backgrounds and skill sets such as Dr. Syahmi Nordin, an applied physicist, and Ainil Fidrah, a capacity builder, is a significant advantage for FixApa. With Dr. Syahmi’s expertise in physics, he can bring a unique perspective to problem-solving and product development. His knowledge of science and technology can help FixApa develop […]

What is FixApa?

Ainol (the Founder) set out to create FixApa, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provides gig workers with everything they need to start and grow their own businesses. The platform offers a range of features, including a website builder, marketing tools, payment processing, and customer management tools, upskilling LMS, financial assistance, and all tech […]

FixApa is a MDEC’s Shared Economy Platform Partner

Malaysia is seeking ways to boost “sharing economy” activities as more people embraces the prospects of putting their assets or services online for a fee. Explosion of the sharing economy has given prominence to digital platforms like Airbnb, which is estimated to have two million listing and is the world’s largest hotel chain without owning the […]

CareApa – Caring for Your Parents

As your parents (or you) get older, living independently in their own home can become more difficult. If they are finding it harder to do the things they used to, they can ask for some help at home (if your are busy!) Asking for help doesn’t mean that they are losing their independence; it’s quite […]

Know your worth – your freelance recommended fee

FixApa Fair Fee Formula is a your Recommended Retail Fee (RRF), It is a simple computation of what you should be charging/earning as a freelancer taking into consideration all your expenses. It is just a guide, gigsters can raise or reduce their RRF but not lower than respective floor price. Housing – Your current home […]


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Kemaih Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian-registered company is the owner of FixApa, an online marketplace offering a wide range of freelance services by local gigsters to businesses and potential clients.

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