CareApa – Caring for Your Parents

As your parents (or you) get older, living independently in their own home can become more difficult. If they are finding it harder to do the things they used to, they can ask for some help at home (if your are busy!) Asking for help doesn’t mean that they are losing their independence; it’s quite […]

Know your worth – your freelance recommended fee

Recommended Retail Fee (RRF) is a simple computation of what you should be charging/earning as a freelancer taking into consideration all your expenses. It is just a guide, gigsters can raise or reduce their RRF but not lower than respective floor price. Housing – Your current home rental / house loan installment Travel expenses – […]

Gig Economy of Malaysia

A gig economy is a free market system where temporary positions are common, and organizations hire independent workers for short-term commitments instead of permanent positions. The jobs are usually in the service sector, and transactions are task-based. Also, the workers are not bound to long-term contracts. Other terms associated with the gig economy are on-demand, peer […]