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You will need to register yourself as a customer, on top right side, click SIGN UP, then click “register as a customer”. Then please go to services or on FixApa’s landing page, choose a category of services that you would like to engage, and choose the gigster that you would want to engage. Once you have chosen a gigster you will be directed to the gigster’s service page, and you choose your Time and dates. 

Once you have make your booking, go to your cart and click check out. Please read the Terms and Condition and check the box. It will take you to the payment page. You can pay either through bank transfer or debit or credit card. Please take note that there is a RM1 payment for Toyyibpay and 8% platform service fee to ensure the running of this platform. Please take note we charge 8% as FixApa service fee in order to maintain and upkeep this platform. 

You may cancel your bookings. Please go to your dashboard, there’s “order” on the left panel, click your order number and cancel you may cancel your orders. However, the gigsters have also indicated duration of cancelation. Please take note if your cancelation is within the cancelation period set by the gigsters, you may not able to cancel your service orders.

At the bottom of this page there is a panel indicating Report or you may use “service ticket” in your booking # page

You may contact chat with us in the chatbox in the right bottom corner of this page, our Live Customer Service attendant will attend to you.

You may use the map to check the nearest gigster to you!

 FixApa will be charging a Service fee of 8% and RM1 to our payment gateway vendor. This is for the maintenance and upkeep of this platform in order for us to give you the best services possible.

Yes we do. Each of our gigster are vetted to ensure the safety of all our customers.

1. For bank transfers – the next business day.
2. For credit / debit card payments – 10 business days.
We will transfer all payments due to gigsters a day after the transaction by our Payment Gateaway Vendor is completed.  

You can download user’s manual here 


You can have One On One Session – please go to this link https://rb.gy/ziz6vy to book your date, we will contact you with the time as soon as we receive your request.

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Kemaih Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian-registered company is the owner of FixApa, an online marketplace offering a wide range of freelance services by local gigsters to businesses and potential clients.

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