Know your worth – your freelance recommended fee

FixApa Fair Fee Formula is a your Recommended Retail Fee (RRF), It is a simple computation of what you should be charging/earning as a freelancer taking into consideration all your expenses. It is just a guide, gigsters can raise or reduce their RRF but not lower than respective floor price.

  • Housing – Your current home rental / house loan installment
  • Travel expenses – Your monthly petrol and/or public transport expenses
  • Car/motorbike installment – your monthly vehicle hire purchase installment
  • Annual Income: Industry standard or your last drawn salary
  • I-Saraan – You intended contribution for EPF I-Saraan (Optional)
  • PTPTN or Student Loan – Your repayment for PTPTN or student Loans (Optional)
  • Your intended profit – 10-15% of total cost

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