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  1. I understand that cancer treatments can be a confusing things to think about. I am here offer a safe space for people affected by cancer to share their feelings or experiences. People in stressful situations benefit from having a good social support system, and I can be a part of a support system. I will provide:
  • virtual session
  • One-to-one sharing session
  • Emotional support during treatment
  • Family concern
  • Relationship changes
  • Online communities for support
  • Simple recepies for meal
  • Do and Don’t during treatment
  • Tips for cancer fighter
  • create a sense of belonging 
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When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was shock, anger or disbelief. Feel intense sadness, fear and a sense of loss. Even the most supportive family members and friends cannot understand exactly how it feels unless they have received a cancer diagnosis themselves. This may cause you to feel lonely, misunderstood or isolated.

Finding a support community is a way for you to interact with other people who have similar, first-hand experiences with cancer. You can talk to them about their wxperiences and share your own.

I am A cancer fighter stage 3B Hodgkin Lymphoma. I will fight till the end and help other cancer fighters along the journey. We Can-Cervive. Believe in yourself!!


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