The Co-founders & The Team

Having co-founders with diverse backgrounds and skill sets such as Dr. Syahmi Nordin, an applied physicist, and Ainil Fidrah, a capacity builder, is a significant advantage for FixApa. With Dr. Syahmi’s expertise in physics, he can bring a unique perspective to problem-solving and product development. His knowledge of science and technology can help FixApa develop innovative solutions and services that are based on sound scientific principles.

On the other hand, Ainil Fidrah’s background in capacity building is an essential asset for FixApa. She can help the company build a team of talented individuals with the necessary skills and expertise to drive the company’s growth and success. Her experience in team-building and leadership can help ensure that FixApa’s team is cohesive, motivated, and aligned with the company’s mission and goals.

Together, Ainol Razman, Dr. Syahmi Nordin, and Ainil Fidrah can lead a young and energetic team of psychologists, biologists, cloud engineers, architects, coders, and IT experts. This team can help FixApa leverage technology to develop innovative products and services that empower caregivers and promote child development and education.

With a diverse team of experts and a strong leadership team, FixApa is well-positioned to carry the company forward to the next level. The company’s focus on innovation, collaboration, and technology can help drive its growth and success in the childcare industry, not only in Malaysia but also in the region.

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