You’ve graduated, what’s next?

From The Staronline 14th September 2020

Establish an online presence, demonstrate what makes you unique, and reach out to your community

FINDING a job in these uncertain times may be daunting for many of us due to the pandemic. For fresh graduates who are or will be taking their first steps into the workforce, LinkedIn has insights and resources to help them find jobs.

Here is some advice to help fresh graduates get a head start in their job search.

1. Establish a professional online presence on LinkedIn

A LinkedIn profile provides you with the platform to share more about yourself and gives recruiters an insight into who you are, apart from what you have included in your resume. Share your career interests and goals, learnings and experiences, and any personal achievements that make you unique in the summary section of your profile. Carefully crafting your LinkedIn profile helps you stand out from the rest.

2. Keep current with the skills needed for jobs

Jobseekers may be required to improve their current skill sets as they face a tough job market. You may also be required to learn completely new skills to remain relevant. If there are any new skills that you want to learn or improve on, online platforms like LinkedIn Learning can help you get started. Learning doesn’t stop at graduation. Professionals can now tap into various learning paths on both digital and soft skills, which have been made free on LinkedIn until Sept 30,2020.

The global top 10 most popular courses available are:

1. Time Management: Working from Home

2. Strategic Thinking

3. Remote Work Foundations

4. Learning Python

5. Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

6. Excel 2016 Essential Training

7. Excel Essential Training (Office 365)

8. Communicating with Confidence

9. Cert Prep. Project Management Principles (PMP)

10. Project Management Foundations

3. Connect with people in your network for opportunities

Take a good look at your LinkedIn community to see if you have any connections who work at companies that interest you. Connecting and building a relationship with them can be key in helping you find and land your dream job. Professionals on LinkedIn are 4x more likely to get a call from a recruiter and 9x more likely to get hired, when they’ve been referred by a connection than if they apply without a referral.

4. Start working on your job applications early

Fresh graduates should work on their job applications early and focus on the quality instead of the quantity of applications sent out. Customising your resume and cover letters are instrumental in improving your chances of gaining employment. Your resume and cover letter should not be a “one-size fits all” approach, but instead a creative way for you to let you showcase your relevant skills and experiences to the recruiter.

5. Look for diverse roles in essential industries

Keep in mind that you should not be afraid to apply for positions outside of your current industry. With your degree and qualifications, you could land opportunities in a variety of roles beyond your major. Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply for exciting and dynamic jobs outside of their intended industry. Graduates can also spend their time learning new skills relevant to in-demand, emerging, and non-traditional roles.

6. Do background research before your interview

Getting to know more about the company and the role you are interviewing for can be what it takes to help you land the role. Prepare well ahead of time and formulate answers to potential questions based on the role you are applying for. Being well prepared for your interview will make sure that you have left a good impression on the hiring manager.

Business development associate Nicholas Kang shares his experience when looking for a job: “In this current situation, I’ve found that the job hunting process hasn’t been easy as there are many people seeking employment. During this time, I learned and upskilled myself in data analytics through informative videos to improve my job prospects in this area. I also leveraged on my connections to share job opportunities in different industries, beyond engineering. My advice to fresh graduates is to reach out to their working peers for job and learning opportunities, as well as tips and insights on how to get and ace your interview.”

Fresh graduates should keep these tips in mind when they are looking for a job or offering their skillsets to the masses. FixApa is a new way where you can earn income. We will provide you with knowledge and necessary marketing skills for you to indulge yourselves in the new world of Gig Industry.

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